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Three things we believe in and that you should know about us

Three things we believe in and that you should know about us

While our team loves to build products, innovation, and technology, we believe that these are not the things that define us. What defines us is the reason why we are building this company. This is what we believe you should know first and foremost about us.

We believe in a world where every single person has a fundamental and undeniable right to equal opportunity. That everybody deserves a fair shot at their dreams. That today, unfortunately, recruitment is failing both companies and candidates. We took this as our personal challenge.

We created Fluttr with very clear ideas in mind. Our why has always been very transparent since the beginning. So we thought it was about time to communicate it in a formal manner.

Not sure if you have seen “Start with why“, a great TEDx talk by Simon Sineak and one that, in our opinion, shares great insight on the important things to say for any company. We are doing it here. In this blog post we are not going to talk about our product, we will be sharing with you the things that motivate us to do what we do every day.

1. Our three core beliefs

Work defines human life

While in a non so distant future things might change, today, work defines in great part everybody’s life on this planet, our ambitions, lifestyle, dreams, and conversations.  And yet only 15% of people globally seem to do a job that they feel is fulfilling (Gallup, 2018). But why? There might be many reasons, but one is definitely a candidate screening process that is not able to correctly foresee candidate fit.

Traditional hiring is failing both companies and people

Traditional hiring based on CVs and interviews is basically gambling. Companies gather hints, then make their best guess. The process as it stands, involves manual information gathering, taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach regardless of the role. It includes 13 different types of personal biases that impact decisions. The final decisions are mostly formed on intuition and ‘gut’ feelings. No wonder that after 18 months 46% of all hired employees are deemed as failures (Harvard Business Review, 2018)

Technology working together with humans can lead to better hiring outcomes

Robots are on Mars, AI drives cars, and gene editing is possible… yet, companies are still relying on CVs, face to face interviews, and gut feelings to make hiring decisions. It’s time for change. Thanks to technology more data can be gathered about candidates, we can learn about their attitude, talent and motivation. Artificial Intelligence can process, with unparalleled power and speed, the collected and provide smart recommendations optimized both for companies and candidates.

More importantly a data-driven approach removes bias from the screening process.

2. Everybody deserves a fair shot at their dreams

People should always be valued for what they can do, for what they are willing to do, and for who they truly are. Not for what they look like or where they come from.  The traditional recruitment process clashes with this very simple truth. 

We believe in a world where every single person has a fundamental and undeniable right to equal opportunity. We always had this in mind when we started our company and every single time we make a new decision.

3. Why Our Focus on Sales Roles

Because it’s the role in any company where generally there are more candidates, where most of the times decisions are made on gut feelings, and where people use the wrong traits to judge if somebody will be a top salesperson or not. We have seen wrong hiring decisions made constantly in the past, and we’re not the only ones.

Companies tend to mix traits like arrogance and extraversion with great sales skills, but those are the wrong things to look at. Our data confirms this and our customers agree with us. If you want to always hire top sales people let us help you do that, over and over again.

The objective of our blog is to shed light on what the real traits are that define incredible salespeople. To help companies be more objective and help talented people surface and be seen.

Using the help of data on our platform, external research, and the participation of leading experts, we expect to publish material (see an example here) that would be of great help to any sales leader or organization.

It’s time to remove the guesswork from hiring.

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